About Me

I have always been a bit more "aware" of my surroundings and how I move within my immediate world since early childhood.  So it was very natural for me to immerse myself into the bodywork field!

I am versed in a variety of modalities and always fine tuning my skills to offer a "person centered" experience for my clients.  Sessions differ from previous ones as a client's physical and energetic needs may change from one appointment to the next.  That's what makes my techniques more intuitive, as I do not apply a "one size fits all" model to my practice.  The core of my work is Swedish massage where I may incorporate Reiki energy techniques, Kundalini breathwork and kriyas, craniosacral techniques, reflexology and guided imagery.

The client's needs and focus are what directs my plan of action for a session!

I also offer Reiki sessions and private Kundalini yoga sessions should a client wish to expand on her/his overall health needs.

Sat Nam!